Hello again

There is not many weeks left anymore. I am feeling really sad about that.
My Spanish has improved a lot in this period of time.
We started breakfast last week. We are offering fresh smhooties and a great buffet!

Waiting for spring!

We are starting breakfast here next week! So exiting, we are offering very different breakfast than other hotels. It going to be fresh. You get smoothies and fresh juice, we use all fresh ingredients.
I have made so much friends here that all my free time goes spending it with them. Feels like I need 8 extra hours for my days to complete everything!
I have last month now here in Boutique X. I am already sad. Luckily my time in Fuengirola still continues!
I am going to miss this hotel. I recommend this to everybody for their on-the-job learning periods.
Soon it is going to be end of winter here and the weather will be much much nicer! Can´t wait!


I am sorry I have not had time to write here as much as I should have.
The weather here has been so variant. There was many really hot days and now the storm and winds came. It has been crazy. Trees are falling down and everything which is not attached to anything will fly away.
I am wishing for warmer days, it should get better now when February arrives.
Our hotel has been full and I have been running around running hotel arrons. I really do enjoy working here.
I am starting to know this city very well and it is easy to recommend places to customers.
My Spanish is getting little bit better, but still I can not make a conversation. Except basic things in check-in.
 I am half way through on my on-the-job-learning. Time has gone too fast. I am so lucky that this period is many months!
Here is different traditions for new years eve. Spanish people eat 12 green grapes when the church bells hit 00.00. It was a fun experience! I have learned that they celebrate Christmas here 6.1 so it is two Christmas for me :D

Work is still going great and the days have been quite warm now. Tomorrow I am planning to go Feria for the first time.

I have now done basically evening shifts but next week other trainee comes so I will start to do morning shifts also.
I guess I have done something right here, Merry Christmas everybody, I will be working this Xmas. It is the easiest way to spend holidays on a city where is no one of my familymembers.

I am still enjoying my time here, it crazy how fast time flyes!! I feel very thankful of this opportunity! 
Chirstmas is coming up under the palmtrees also. There is a Xmas show every evening in front of the hotel, normally chirstmas is snow and familytime for me but this year is going to be different.
I have no idea how will I spend it, I let you know when I have plans :D
I enjoy my work here really much and I have met new friends also!

This is my third day here in Fuengirola, I have been working the past two days.
I have enjoyed my time in here. This hotel where I am working is perfect! It is brand new and I love my job :)